Smart Carpet Cleaning Tips

It is an unwritten rule that you would want your home or office to be sparkling clean. There should be no elements of dirt and any disorganization in it. One of the thing that can contribute to the tidiness of a room is having a clean carpet. A clean carpet not only improves the general outlook of the room but also protects you from different diseases that are caused by a dirty environment. The following are foolproof tips that will help you to have an ever-clean carpet.

  1. Clean the carpet on a regular basis

Just as you do your laundry regularly, the same applies to the carpet. Carpets tend to accumulate dust and dirt over a short period so should e cleaned as early as possible. If you neglect your carpet and only clean it after a long period, then you will be in for a rude shock. The dirt will accumulate beyond unmanageable level and this will make the cleaning process to be more expensive. An extremely dirty carpet will force you to use stronger chemicals or be more vigorous with the carpet during the cleaning. By doing this, the lifespan of the carpet will go down.

  1. Vacuum the carpet regularly

In addition to the general carpet cleaning process, you should also remember to vacuum your carpet on a regular basis. More so if you have children and pets. Your carpet may be looking bright and clean, but in the real sense, it is hiding some unseen dust and tiny dirt particles. Children who have the habit of playing on the carpet can end up being infected with different types of diseases as a result of the unseen dirt. A regular vacuuming will help to get rid of these tiny specks of dirt.

  1. Act on the spills fast

Spills from food and drinks can stain your carpet and make the cleaning process o tougher. Stubborn stains will always make the carpet cleaning process to be difficult and expensive. Once the spill has happened, act on it immediately before it dries up to form a permanent stain.

  1. Keep off from toxic chemicals

There is a wide range of cleaning products in the market that you can use for carpet cleaning in Atlanta. However, not all the products are safe. Some cleaning solutions contain dangerous solutions that may not only have negative effects on your health but also damage your carpet. Before buying any cleaning product, read the label and so at to know its content.

  1. Use professional carpet cleaning service

Carpet cleaning can be quite a complex affair especially if you have a busy schedule to follow. Some carpets come with complex designs and decorations which need to be handled with care. Instead of being stressed by the dirty carpet, you can easily contact a professional carpet cleaning Atlanta company. Professional carpet cleaners have the necessary training and experience that is needed in dealing with dirty carpets. Professional cleaners can also do the job within a short time and everything will resume to normal. The cleaners also use safe products and handle your carpet with maximum so as to lengthen its lifespan.

3 principles of good interior design

Principles of interior design are the ways different design elements are arranged.


It is the proper distribution of objects so that it creates a visual balance. Lack of balance alters a composition’s harmony. There are three styles of balance: asymmetrical, symmetrical and radical. Traditional interior designs have symmetrical balance. This means there will be repetition of same color throughout the space. Asymmetrical balance is having different objects that have the same visual weight. This is more casual but is hard to achieve. Radical symmetry is when the elements are arranged around a center point. A spiral staircase is a good example of radical balance.


Space refers to the area in and around an object. The designer’s challenge is to arrange design elements in space. Three dimensional designs consist of form, length,width, height and space.We need both small and large areas to satisfy our mind. There should be a balance between filled and unfilled area. Both positive and negative spaces are important in a room as well.


Focus means the attention placed on a piece of work. It can be made by contrasting elements so that it grabs attention. Every room and space must have a focal point. For example, a fireplace is a common focal point. A large piece of furniture can also be a focal point. Painting one area of your room differently can also act as a focal point. A focal point must provide a lasting impression.

When designing a house, you should think of the house as a total entity. All the rooms and spaces must be linked; that is, there must be a common style all the way through. So, plan well before you start designing a house or space.